If you have just logged on, I'm Joseph Gordon, an antiques collector, enthusiast, and Indiana Jones fan, I'm basically addicted to ancient history, prehistoric art, and collecting fascinating ancient artefacts and relics.

On this website I will be sharing my passion for collecting antiques and ancient artefacts with you. I will be offering for sale pieces from my own collection, as well as bringing to you other interesting collector's pieces from old private collections, auctions, galleries and other reputable dealers.  All pieces have been verified by consultants and experts. Each item also includes a certificate of authenticity (COA). 

From Paleolithic to Post Medieval, including Classical Greek and Roman, Cypriot, Etruscan, Near Eastern, Gandharan, Byzantine, Mesopotamia, Holy Lands, Pre-Columbian and Ancient Egyptian. Also Bronze Age, Iron Age, Vikings & Crusaders. 

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All of the antiquities on offer come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity, with no exception. 

My priority is your happiness. This means I stand by our collectors pieces 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred. If you have a problem I will solve it. Refund it. Replace it. Whatever it takes. Happiness. Guaranteed.

Joseph Gordon


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“We Do Not Follow Maps To Buried Treasure, And X Never, Ever Marks The Spot.”

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade