A Pre-Columbian Mexican Chupicuaro Pottery Figure | c. 400-100 BC

This tall Mexican Chupicuaro brown pottery figure has striated hair and side tresses extending below the shoulder. She is also wearing a necklace and ear ornaments and has her hands clasped together below her breasts. There are traces of red pigment around the head. The head and one of the legs has been reattached and there is a chip above the left shoulder on the reverse. Finished in an attractive semi-gloss patina, some mineral spotting can be seen on the whole body, however, the figure is complete and a very nice example.

Date: Mexico c. 400-100 BC

Size: 100 mm

Provenance: Ex Seward Kennedy Collection, Norland Place, London.

Seward Kennedy (1925-2015) was a successful lawyer and passionate collector who over six decades, assembled a veritable cabinet of curiosities that filled his homes in London and New York City.

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