A Roman Cupid Bronze Statuette | 2nd-3rd century AD

This bronze statue of cupid is winged with feather details and has curly hair. The statue is in a posing position with the right arm up in the air as though to greet someone. The overall condition is fine and the facial features are clear and have a good definition.
Possibly the statuette may have formed part of a larger group, probably centered around a statuette of Venus.
See Stead, I., Excavations at Winterton Roman Villa and other Roman Sites in North Lincolnshire. Department of the Environment Archaeological Reports 9 in HMSO, 1976. 

Date: 2nd-3rd century AD
Size: 108 grams total, 10.3cm including stand (4"). 

Provenance: Purchased in 2020 from a London auction. From the collection of Mrs & Mrs Adie, Warwickshire, UK; acquired between 1965-1980; thence by descent. 

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